We know that you want travel to be more than a box-ticking exercise, and your visit to Switzerland should be no different. Its beautiful mountains and lakes, and mouth-watering cheese and chocolate have probably already enticed you - but how about getting to know more than what is written in your average travel guide?


Here at Swiss Family Travel we help you to experience more than just the Matterhorn or a fondue in a tourist restaurant. Our Switzerland-based contributors will take you to places where they live, eat, play and explore with their families. From that must-see Matterhorn to little known hidden gems waiting to be discovered, we’ll provide you with an authentic Swiss experience.

Come along with us as we share all the best things Switzerland has to offer.



Kristin Reinhard - Writer, photographer & founder

Kristin Reinhard, Travel Writer and Photographer based in Switzerland

I fell in love with Switzerland 17 years ago as a young 19 year old au pair fresh off the plane from Australia. My “gap year” turned into a permanent stay when I fell in love with a man who would soon become my Swiss hubby. Today we call the Canton of Zug home with our three kids.

I love to share stories through my camera and pen and am happiest when I’m near the water. Luckily I don’t have to go far to find a lake here in Switzerland.

The way to my heart is through a made from scratch meal, a glass of something (I don’t mind what), and a side of deep conversation. When I am not exploring (or planning to explore) you will find me behind my camera, reading books that challenge my outlook on life, writing down my endless stream of new ideas, listening to a podcast or two while balancing my Qi on the yoga mat.

  • Favourite day trip … hiking around the Engelstock at Hoch Stuckli

  • Favourite travel tip … packing cubes keep everything together

  • Favourite Swiss cliche … Swiss cows and their bells get me every time

  • Never leave home without my … camera

  • Favourite Swiss cheese … Tête de Moine

    Favourite Swiss chocolate … Ovomaltine Crunchy!  


Pamela Penman, editor

Pamela Penman, editor of Swiss Family Travel

I came to Switzerland on a 2-year assignment which was 11 years ago and little did I know I’d one day end up calling Switzerland home. It is Switzerland where my London-born husband and I now make up a family of four enjoying all that Switzerland has to offer. 

It is also here, in Switzerland, where I have traveled more than I’ve ever done before.  Travel allows me to temporarily ditch my to-do lists and fully focus on that which gives me the most pleasure: my family. Whether it’s exploring a trendy new hotel in a busy city or totally unplugging at a campsite by the sea, travel has shown me how little I need to live and enjoy life.

When I’m not traveling I’m busy with my marketing consultancy but I also make time for my other passions:  editing, writing, and life-coaching.

  • Favourite Swiss dish (this week) … Züri Geschnetzeltes 

  • Favourite day trip … Hopping on the train to Lugano to catch some rays by the palm trees

  • Favourite travel tip … Use extra contact lens cases to pack moisturizer and hair gel if only doing a weekend getaway

  • Never leave home without my … my lipgloss!

  • Favourite Swiss cheese …a very ripe Gruyere 

  • Favourite Swiss chocolate …Strickler dark chocolate Paves (available only in winter!)




We moved to Switzerland in July 2017 and instantly fell in love with the Zugersee sunsets and stunning mountain views. We came from the hustle and bustle of Shanghai, so the change was quite stark, but not unwelcome. After 7 years of being surrounded by buildings and a mass of humanity, it was time to clear the lungs and get back to nature.

Originally from Georgia in the US, I married my high school sweetheart, who’s Spanish/Puerto Rican. We’ve been expats for 22 years and lived in five countries. With two sons in the US in university and one here about to fly the nest, we are contemplating our next chapter. However, our favourite thing is to explore as a family, whether it be a hip restaurant, interesting city, new country or having an active adventure.

I am happiest sharing good food and wine with family and friends, laughing and conversing late into the evening. An editor and writer, I also love to cook, read just about anything and have a penchant for selfies, most of which I never share with anyone. When the season arrives, you’ll find me picking flowers weekly at one of the local farms.

You can contact Abbie by email: abbiepumarejo(at)yahoo.com

  • Favourite Swiss dish: Raclette, with all the trimmings

  • Favourite day trip: Anywhere we can ski, snowshoe or hike and then enjoy a wellness center after

  • Favourite travel tip: Some planning + some spontaneity= an unforgettable trip

  • Favourite Swiss Cliché: That you can set your watch by the train schedules

  • Never leave home without my: phone, so I can always take photos/selfies

  • Favourite Swiss cheese: Emmentaler

  • Favourite Swiss chocolate: Läderach Fudge Caramel