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“And suddenly you know, it is time to start something new

and trust the magic of beginnings.”

– Meister Eckhart


Welcome to Swiss Family Travel - helping you make travel to Switzerland with your kids more simple and enjoyable.

Hi, I’m Kristin! Originally from Brisbane, Australia, I moved to Switzerland to be an Au Pair 15 years ago. Being an Au Pair enabled me to earn money and explore Europe, visiting London, Paris, Rome and many smaller places in between. 12 months into my time as an Au Pair, I fell in love with a Swiss guy. We eventually married, and now 13 years on we have three kids, ages 11, almost 9 and 2. We call central Switzerland home where we are surrounded by mountains, lakes and forests - a total contrast to the beach lifestyle I grew up around back in Australia. 

Together as a family we have been traveling since our oldest daughter was 3 weeks old. Her very first adventure was by train on the Glacier Express from Chur to Zermatt. Since then we’ve enjoying exploring Switzerland as well as further afield, including my original home, Australia. We love exploring the world around us and exposing our kids to different cultures and ways of thinking. Being bilingual in German and English, we also love learning new words of different languages. 


Five years ago, you would have found us with suitcases piled high when traveling and on the way home those suitcases were loaded full of souvenirs. However a trip to Sri Lanka had a remarkable affect on me, and from that trip I discovered the world of simple living and minimalism. Seeing children with very little enjoying life, laughing with their friends, playing only with a cricket bat and tennis ball changed my outlook on life - how little we really need to make us happy. 

We now to try and live life as well as travel with only what we really need. Adapting to a more simple way of living has enabled us to explore more. We spend less time maintaining our things and more time on experiences. We have found more fulfillment in creating memories in the beautiful surroundings and cultures we find ourselves in rather than focusing on possessions. 

And with that, Swiss Family Travel was born. 

Swiss Family Travel was born out of our love to travel with our kids combined with our love of photography.  Traveling with kids doesn't need to be complicated. We will show you that traveling with kids can be enjoyable for everyone. With a little bit of preparation (I love a good list!) and the tips, tricks and advice that we share here at Simple Family Travel - we will inspire you to get out with your kids and explore in and around Switzerland.

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