The 3 C's of Switzerland: Cheese, Chocolate and Cows

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think ofSwitzerland? Cows, Cheese, or maybe Chocolate? You’re not alone!  These are the three C’s of Switzerland:  Lets dive in and find out the best ways to experience Cows, Cheese and Chocolate.



A swiss cow we encountered along a hike.

A swiss cow we encountered along a hike.

Did you know that every cow in Switzerland is named? And that every Swiss farmer knows each and every one of his or her cows by that name?

Swiss cows are a beloved icon of this beautiful country. You will find them everywhere—from pastures and valleys on the outskirts of towns, to up high in the alps grazing the beautiful alpine grasses in the summer.

Cows are celebrated here and many villages have parades and festivals in the spring with the Alpine cows ascending to the alps or and autumn celebrating the day that they descend back to the farms from the high mountains. 

Urnäsch, in Appenzell is one of the famous parades to see. The cows are decorated with flowers and bells and the farmers are dressed in the traditional Appenzell Tracht (traditional Swiss costume).  Check out fellow blogger “Mom in Zurich” for her account of the parade. 

You can also check out My Switzerland for their guides to these festivals as well.



Easter Workshop at the Lindt Factory in Kilchberg.

Easter Workshop at the Lindt Factory in Kilchberg.


There aren’t many people in the world who don’t love Swiss Chocolate. The Swiss love their chocolate too eating 11kg per capita in 2016 . A favourite treat as a child here is chocolate with a bread roll. So if chocolate’s on your mind, you’ve come to the right country! How about a ride on the Swiss Chocolate train from Montreux? Or maybe you'd like to learn about how chocolate is made at the Lindt Chocolate Adventure while visiting the Transport Museum in Luzern? And don't forget about the chocolate factories


I’ve lived for almost 16 years in Switzerland and it took me this long to visit a chocolate factory. This past April I booked a special Easter workshop at the Lindt factory (spots are extremely limited - book early to avoid a disappointment for next year).  I’ve also heard great things about the Callier Chocolate Factory from other Expats that have visited there. 



The perfect hiking lunch, bring along some cheese!

The perfect hiking lunch, bring along some cheese!


It seems that every region in Switzerland specialises in some sort of cheese. So it is hard to go wrong when it comes to the smelly deliciousness. You can find a show dairy on your journey though Switzerland that is open to the public and learn about how cheese is made. 


A visit to Gruyère is high on our to visit list as it is one of our favourite cheeses - there are many varieties that vary in intensity:  the mild version is one that even our kids love. The “La Maison du Gruyère” located in the town on Pringy has a show dairy that produces Le Gruyère AOP cheese. It is an interactive exhibition that takes you on a trip with your senses. Check out the cheese making timetable so you don’t miss any of the action. 


Do you have a specifc Swiss cheese or chocolate that you enjoy? Share with us all in the comments so we can try it out.