Swimming near Luzern in Hergiswil

It’s Friday! And on Fridays during the summertime we are pleased to feature great information from our guest bloggers on Badis around Switzerland.  I hope you have been able to get down to your favourite Badi and cool off from this hot weather we have been having.  Summer has very much arrived. It’s crazy to think that 2 months ago it was snowing!

Today we feature Alessandra— a mum of two who lives just outside of Zürich. I met her recently at a little Instagram coffee meet up organised by Kate (Mom in Zürich) and afterwards she happily agreed to let us in on her new favourite find, the Badi in Hergiswil.  Make sure to visit Alessandra’s beautiful Instagram account if you’re interested in seeing stunning photos of life in and around Zürich.  


Where is your favourite Badi? 

Last Sunday we did a beautiful hike with our children in the Engelberg area. The weather was just perfect. Lots of sun and pleasant temperatures contributed to a breathtaking panorama to Titlis, a glacier which is still covered in snow. On our way back home towards Zürich we stopped in Hergiswil, a small town right by Lake Luzern.  We’d never been there before, but fate intervened and a traffic jam allowed us an unplanned visit to this beautiful Badi.  I'm truly happy we'd stopped the car and I can strongly recommend you pay a visit. I wouldn't be surprised if you fall in love with it the moment you see it, like we did!


Opening hours and entry price? 

Admission is 7chf for Adults and children ages 6-16 are 3chf. After 5pm the admission for adults is only 3.50 chf.

The Badi itself operates with a Bademeister (Life Guard) from 9 am until7.30 pm daily.  On evenings with lovely weather, the restaurant remains open until 10pm. After 7.30pm swimming is at one’s own risk, but I found the idea of not having to leave on a hot summer day very attractive, especially as the sun is now setting so late in the evening.


Best way to get there?

The Badi Hergiswil is on the Seestrasse 102 just as you come off the motor way. Parking space is limited, with approximately 60 metered parking spaces.

Or, if you don’t want to fight for a parking spot, it’s only a short walk from the Hergiswil Matt train station. 



What sets your favourite Badi apart from the rest? 

The lake view is simply stunning, overlooking Lake Luzern and the surrounding mountains.  Like I said, we just fell in love with it the moment we saw it.

The lake and a decent sized pool (along with a baby pool) were clear winners for us.  The Badi is rather small but when we arrived at 5.30 pm we found it less crowded than it might have been at peak times on a really lovely summer day. 

The baby pool is small and at the rear of the Badi,  and it has a slide into the water and some swings just next to it. The main pool has 1-2 swimming lanes and there is also an area for non-swimmers. 

With the water at a pleasant 26 degrees, it is certainly a place you’d want to spend some time in.  And of course there is the lake!  If you’d like you can also rent a stand up paddle boat for only 5 chf /30 minutes!

When you're done with swimming there are shower rooms provided free of charge with warm water, a changing area with lockers, and hairdryers.


Anything yummy that we must try on the menu?

The restaurant sells a good variety of food such as burgers, fries, salads, fischknusperli, hot dogs, and steaks at average prices. We had a plate of delicious Fischknusperli, fries and a hotdog, and as I had mentioned, on sunny summer days the restaurant remains open until 10pm.  If you just want to visit the restaurant, you can do that without paying an admission fee.


Whats one thing you never go to the Badi without?

I only take the necessary stuff like swim suits, towels, and sunscreen. If I go on my own I take a book or an iPad with headphones to listen to a podcast or watch a TV series. If I take the kids, it’s a very different story as to what I bring. I suppose my approach is rather minimalistic. However, I will always always bring a camera with me. 

Even though it is not on my home lake (Zürichsee) I think I may have found a new favourite badi!  Its panoramic views, swimming pools and the option to rent very fairly priced stand up paddle boats have sealed the deal for me. I couldn't possibly ask for more, only that it could be closer to my home town! Have fun!

Thank you so much Alessandra for sharing your new find with us.  It sounds like a great place to keep in mind if you’re looking to cool off after a long drive home from the Alps and it’s really not far from Luzern at all. 

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