Strandbad Kindli Gersau

It’s Friday! And on Fridays during the summertime the series My Badi features great information from our guest bloggers on swimming around Switzerland.  I hope you have been able to get down to your favourite badi and cool off from this hot weather we have been having.  Summer is here!

Today we are on the other side of Lake Luzern and discover a hidden gem with Emily Ammann. Emily is a mum to a little boy and shares her love of cooking at her blog Cooking at the Hinterberg.


Where is your favourite Badi?

I have many favorites, but the Kindli Badi in Gersau is a bit of a hidden gem.

Opening Hours and entry price?

Daily from 09:30 – 19:00

Entry is CHF 4,50 for adults and CHF 3,00 for kids aged 6-16.

Best way to get there?

The Kindli Badi is located on Vierwaldstättersee (Lake Lucerne) in a town next to Brunnen. It’s easiest to arrive by car and there is free parking in 3 different areas around the Badi, but parking spots are very limited.  For public transportation, the bus #2 in Kanton Schwyz stops right at the Badi and runs along the lake from Schwyz-Brunnen-Gersau-Vitznau-Weggis-Küssnacht-Rotkreuz.

Strandbad Kindli: Im Kindli, 6442 Gersau.


What sets your Badi apart from the rest?

The journey in getting to this destination. The drive along Lake Lucerne from Küssnacht am Rigi to Gersau is one of the most scenic roads and it always brings back fond memories for me as this is the drive my Swiss husband took me on for our first date. It takes a little longer as opposed from coming from Brunnen via the highway, but it’s absolutely worth it on a beautiful day. This is also a Badi where almost everyone is a local and it’s very quaint. And I love coming here with my 4-year old since it is very child-friendly with a small playground and a bordered off children’s pool built into the lake.

Anything yummy that we must try on the menu?

To be honest with you, I always pack a picnic with me to the Badi, but if there’s one thing to order at the restaurant, it would be the Gersauer Käse-Kuchen.

What’s one thing you never go to the Badi without? 

My own food! I often pack a light pasta salad or Korean maki rolls for lunch and of course, fresh fruit such as watermelon. Enjoying delicious homemade food always makes our day at the Badi that more enjoyable. But don’t get me wrong, we often indulge in french fries and there’s always an ice cream break.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

After living in New York City and Las Vegas for 8 years working in sales and marketing for several hospitality groups, I decided to move to Luzern 7 years ago. Was it a drastic change? Of course! And what was the reason why I made this decision? That answer is easy: LOVE.

I am now a mother to a wonderful little boy and live in a Swiss farmhouse just in the shadow of the alps, where my husband and I cook well over 300 days a year. I started a cooking blog 1.5 years ago as a diary of the endless meals that we cook with love and for those we love.

Find my recipes at or follow me on IG @cookingathinterberg.


Thanks Emily for sharing with us all about the Strandbad Kindli! It really is worth it to go past those larger lakeside towns next to the Rigi and check out the town of Gersau. You can check out the other locations around the country in our summer series My Badi

Yours not listed? Do you have a favourite swimming spot that you want to share with us? Get in contact!