REVIEW: CoziGo and Plane Pal

I really don't like buying something that I don't need. Over the years, my minimalist tendencies have made me into a shopper that takes her time. I consider the pros and cons and then the pros again. I ask around for advice and personal experience and only when I am 100% sure, do I jump in and buy something. 

After spending years decluttering our home, the last thing I want to do is bring in more clutter. This rings true especially for travel products. Often travel products over promise and under deliver, and I think it's even more important to really consider how useful a travel product will be before purchasing. 

Back in April, I wrote about items to bring along to help your kids sleep when traveling. Specifically, I mentioned two products which looked very useful, but that I have never personally tried - the CoziGo and the Plane Pal. 

The CoziGo is an airline basinet and stroller cover that blocks out 97% of light and movement enabling your little one to sleep on the go.

The Plane Pal is an inflatable travel pillow that allows your kids to stretch out and sleep in comfort while traveling in economy class.

Shortly after writing my post, I came across Bronwyn on Instagram who had used both the CoziGo and the Plane Pal on a recent flight to Australia. I was dying to know what she thought. 

Bronwyn is a seasoned Expat traveler based in Singapore and has three kids. Being a seasoned traveler myself, I know just how important it is to have a lightweight and simple carry on, especially when flying long haul with kids, so I was really interested to hear from her. She gives her review below. 

Bronwyn is a seasoned traveler with her three kids. Photo Credit: Bronwyn.

Bronwyn is a seasoned traveler with her three kids. Photo Credit: Bronwyn.


1.    How did you feel about bringing the CoziGo and Plane Pal?

I normally end up flying solo with our children due to my husband’s work and travel commitments so over the years I’ve learnt that less is best when it comes our luggage, whether carried on or checked in. I’ve heard so much about these products and the way others have raved about them so was definitely willing to take the chance and go for it. 


2. How did they fit into your hand luggage?

I prefer to travel with a backpack for Bella ( 4 months) and myself and there was no issue fitting the Cozigo pouch as it’s quite compact and fits snug in-between other bits. 

You can see how the CoziGo fits well into Bronwyn's backpack Photo Credit: Bronwyn.

You can see how the CoziGo fits well into Bronwyn's backpack Photo Credit: Bronwyn.

The PlanePal comes with it’s own soft case backpack fitting both the 2 deflated pillows and the pump. You could carry it just like that, but travelling with 3 kids, I need to be as hands free as possible. So in our case as there was no more room in my backpack I instead placed it in my son’s backpack which was lightweight to start with.  


3. What was the reaction of the cabin crew? 

I’ve flown with the Cozigo several times now and the reaction has only been positive. They think it’s a great product and see it used regularly.

I used the PlanePal on our most recent flight from Singapore to Melbourne. I had bulkhead seats due to Bella’s bassinet. I pumped up the pillows once the seatbelt signs were switched off, put them in place and the cabin crew said nothing the entire flight.


The CoziGo fits of the Basinet as well as a pram. Photo credit: CoziGo

The CoziGo fits of the Basinet as well as a pram. Photo credit: CoziGo

4. How did your baby react to the CoziGo?

I placed the Cozigo over the bassinet while she was still awake so she wouldn’t get a fright later when she awoke. We were on a 9 pm flight from Singapore and she slept all the way just waking up for a feed approximately an hour before landing. It’s a wonderful product.  It can be super busy around the bulkhead seat area with curtains being drawn for service and the basinets are fixed rather close to the lights. She didn’t notice a thing when the lights were switched back on 2 hours before landing to serve breakfast!


5. How did your kids react to the Plane Pal?

I think you only have to look at the picture to see how comfortable they look. We did have the bulkhead seats so that was an extra bonus having that little bit more space and no reclining seats from the front. They slept the entire flight and hardly moved so I didn’t have to worry about any adjustments. The kids said they were great and definitely want to take them on our next long-haul overseas flight from Singapore.


Three kids fast asleep! Now looks like a relaxing flight. Photo Credit: Bronwyn.

Three kids fast asleep! Now looks like a relaxing flight. Photo Credit: Bronwyn.

6. One or two PlanePals?

In our case we used two and I would definitely recommend a pillow per child.


7. How did they both fold up at the end?

The PlanePal deflated super fast after removing the cap and were in the same state as when used for the very first time. So I imagine if for some reason you were requested to deflate them quickly this would be super easy to manage.

The CoziGo was a little trickier to fold up and manage. It does come with a visual illustration on how to fold it up and zip back into the pouch but I still found it hard to get the shape right and had to try several times until I got it somewhat right and could place it back into the pouch. Definitely allow yourself some time, or practice before you leave to get it right, otherwise you may get a little flustered. 


8. Would you use them again?

Without a doubt. These products are life savers and game changers when flying with children. 


When I think back to how we used to travel in economy class, with only two kids to manage at the time. There have been flights where my husband has had one child on each side of him in an armlock position to make sure they wouldn’t fall off the seat or the drama that involved one child’s body part touching the other, oh my! So glad we can now all stay sane!


A sleeping baby on a plane in my opinion is worth gold! I also like the flexibility that the Cozigo offers. We were able to attach it to our pram which came in very handy at night when she was sleeping in order to drown out the noise and the light.


Thanks so much Bronwyn for giving us an in-depth review of both the CoziGo and Plane Pal. A Plane Pal is on the top of our list for our next long haul flight to Australia in 2018. I wish the CoziGo was around when my kids were little! 

Bronwyn herself is a mumpreneur and developed the flight logbook Simple for Flying, where you can record all your child’s flying adventures. You can see more about her on her website or Instagram page.

Have you used either product? Would you consider taking an “extra” product on board if it means a more comfortable flight for your kids?

Disclaimer: Make sure you personally double check with your airline before taking these products on board. Some airlines approve, some do not. 

Plane Pal has provided a list of airlines that approve the use of their product. And Singapore Airlines gives very informative information on how they can be used safely in flight. 

CoziGo is also only approved by certain airlines, check their website for more information.