Badi Adliswil, Zürich

Today we are exploring the Adliswil Badi with Shona, a busy mum living outside Zürich. 

Where is your favourite Badi? 

Adliswil badi (Hallen- und Freibad im Tal) is our local badi and it is the one my kids ask to go to every day as soon as the weather is warm. It doesn't have a lake or mountain views but it has a special place in their hearts as it is a place where our family has spent so much time together, where the children take their swimming lessons and where wonderful childhood memories with their friend have been made.  


Opening hours and entry price? 

Opening hours are:

Monday to Friday 07.30 - 20.00

Saturday / Sunday including holidays 8.00-20.00

Adult's single entry is 7.00 CHF (from 16 years old)

Child's single entry is 3.50 CHF (for children between 6-16 years old)


Best way to get there?

There's on the street parking for 50 or 60 cars, which fills up early during holidays and weekends. The 185 bus has a stop at the end of the road. 



What sets your favourite Badi apart from the rest? 

It's a large swimming area with 3 pools for increasing levels of swimming ability, a small play ground and a shaded paddling pool area for young children. The large shaded grass areas are perfect for putting down a blanket and getting comfortable for the long summer's day. Beach volleyball is another option to while away your time. 

Adliswil badi is unique in that it also has a gym and a large indoor pool, so it is a place we can visit year round. 

We've spent so many hours here and have graduated from the paddling pool to the large waterslide where the kids zip down on large rings, to the Everest of the badi (for the younger children): the diving boards in the deep pool. 


Anything yummy that we must try on the menu?

I prefer to pack picnics for us, but the kids love eating at the restaurant. It offers the standard array of cafe food from cakes and coffee, to wurst and pommes. The salads and paninis are our go to if we stay long enough where we’ve run out of picnic food.


What's one thing you never go to the Badi without?

My ever-packed badi bag :) It contains sunscreen, sunglasses, a music device with my favourite music or podcasts to catch up on (it's much easier to keep an eye on the kids if I am listening to something rather than trying to read a book), and spare change for the kiddos to buy themselves an ice cream. (Noticed how I skirted around the "one thing" stipulation?)

A little about yourself

I'm Shona but more often am know as "Mum!". I'm originally from Melbourne, and like so many people in Switzerland, have spent the last 20 years jumping from place to place. After stops in London, Greece, Birmingham, London again and California my family and I found ourselves in Adliswil where we have lived happily for the past 2 years. I have been a designer, massage therapist, and a computer engineer, but am now busy being a mum while I work out what step comes next. I post random photos of our life in Zurich on Instagram as @chrubuky

Thanks a lot Shona for sharing with us all about the Adliswil Badi. Looks like a great place to visit in the summer as well as during the colder months. You can check out the other locations around the country in our summer series My Badi.

Yours not listed? Do you have a favourite swimming spot that you want to share with us? Get in contact!