Strandbad Rietliau, Wädenswil

Laura-Ann is a busy mum of three boys living by the lake in Thalwil, just outside Zurich. She makes stylish and functional accessories for babies and children and sells them online at

Where is your Favourite Badi?

My favourite badi is the Strandbad Rietliau, in Wädenswil on lake Zurich. Its approximately 20 minute drive from Zurich and is located just off Seestrasse.


Opening Hours and entry price

The Rietliau badi is open on Monday from 10.00 – 19.00, and on Tuesday – Sunday from 9.00 – 19.00. Admission is free for Children until age 14. From age 15 years to Adult admission is 3 chf. A ten-entry pass card can be purchased for 25chf and a season pass for 40chf. Life Guards are present during opening times.

The Best way to get there?

The Rietliau badi is located on Seeweg/Rietliau, just off Seestrasse in Wädenswil.  There is a large car park across the road from the badi via the Mercedes garage. Access to the badi is by foot over the foot bridge from the car park.

If travelling by car is not possible, the badi is a ten minute walk from the Wädenswil train station, or you can take the number 2 bus from the train station.


What sets your favourite badi apart from the rest?

 Having young children - three boys 5 and under, a badi that is child friendly is very important. At my badi, parents can watch their children at ease from the grassy area, with a beautiful view! The Rietliau bad is not only a wonderful swimming area, but it also has a huge sandpit with toys right on the lake, plenty of shaded areas, a climbing frame with swing and a sectioned off area of the lake that is shallow for kids to stand in and swim. Here the boys always have something to do if they get tired of swimming in the lake. The Rietliau badi allows them to do all this in a safe environment.

The huge car park means that there is always car parking available so if we decide to go to the badi late in the afternoon especially after school pick up we can always get a car park spot!

Anything yummy that we must try on the menu?

 The café is located on a nice terrace and there is also a lounge area, if you are just having drinks or ice cream. The menu is varied and includes hotdogs, different pastas and salads, but our favourite thing to eat is their fish and chips!

What is one thing you never go to the badi without

As you may already know, most if not all of the badi’s along lake Zurich do not allow the picnic blankets with the plastic bottom. At the Rietliau badi the life guards will ask you to turn the blankets over if you are using one with a plastic bottom or use something else to sit on. I believe it is because the plastic side of the blanket will ruin the grass. So for us, a large cotton (on both sides) picnic blanket is a must! We also take a small umbrella, sunscreen and a water bottle.

Thanks Laura-Ann for sharing with us. The Rietliau badi sounds extremely child friendly! Thanks also for the tip about the picnic blankets, I for sure have learned something new! You can find more about Laura-Ann at her website, she is also on Instagram.

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