Strandbad Küsnacht

Today we are exploring the Gold Coast of Zurich lake and Jody takes us to her favourite badi in Küsnacht (ZH). 

Where is your favourite Badi?

I tend to Badi-hop a bit - living on the Gold Coast gives us a pretty awesome range to choose from! My favourite would probably be Strandbad Küsnacht. It’s a little more expensive than the others nearby but it’s worth it.

Opening Hours and entry price?

The opening Hours are 9.30 - sunset Mondays at 11.30 - sunset).  Entry is 7 CHF and kids under 16 are free.

Best way to get there?

Like most Badis on the Seestrasse, the parking isn’t great. There are around 20 parking spots onsite, which are always in high demand when the weather is nice. However, there is another metered carpark about 100m down the road (around 20 spaces also), and the Erlenbach Migros carpark (also metered, but quite large) is about 200m down the road, and undercover.

The Küsnacht train station is a 15 minute walk away. 



What sets your Badi apart from the rest?

It has a pretty big sandy beach, an awesome playground and a really great shaded kiddie pool. In the water, there are floating platforms, a few diving boards & a slide, plus a slide in the shallows for the little kids. They have lots of umbrellas for hire, plus loungers. There’s also a child-free area, if you’re looking for a little bit of peace and quiet!

Anything yummy that we must try on the menu?

The food here is great, and the best thing is - they do a buffet where you pay by weight. They always have a fairly decent selection of hot meals and salads, plus you can buy pizza by the slice, which I find perfect as you can never gauge how much your kids are going to want to eat. No need to fork out for a whole pizza, only to have them lick the crust and declare that they’re full.

What’s one thing you never go to the Badi without? 

My picnic blanket, my little Ikea pillow, and my Kindle.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Jody Bell, an Australian, living in Erlenbach, ZH for the past 4.5 years. I’m Mum to one awesome almost 8 year old daughter, Charlotte, and I’m a photographer (although apparently a slack one, these photos are all from 2013 and 2014!). You can find me on, or on Instagram as @_jodybell.

Thanks Jody for sharing your favourite Badi with us. You can check out the other locations around the country in our summer series My Badi.

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