Hiking in Hoch Stuckli


All this week here on Simple Family Travel, we are exploring my top five things that Switzerland has to offer during the autumn season. Even though I may be sad to say goodbye to the longer days of summer, there is still so much to enjoy about autumn. So let’s get excited together for the season ahead! 

Yesterday we headed up to escape the fog, and today we are pulling on those hiking boots and enjoying the mountains before the snow arrives. 


Autumn Top 5

2. Hiking 


Autumn may just be my very favourite time of year to pull on the hiking boots and head out. It’s no longer too hot to do some serious walking and I feel motivated to savour every single drop of sunshine before the dark days of winter arrive. 

Since little Z is getting heavier to carry and isn’t yet strong enough to hike all day or on trails that are too steep, we are currently sticking to easier hikes. We especially like hikes that have some kind of interest on the way for her. Trails that keep kids entertained while they are walking from post to post is what we’re going for right now.  Sometimes the kids even forget they are hiking.

Our family-favourite destination to head for a kid-friendly hike is       Hoch Stuckli

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With 5 different sign posted hikes to choose from, hiking in Hoch Stuckli is very family friendly. We always choose the Number 1 trail—Engelstock Circuit—which takes us around the Engelstock mountain.  With its panorama views of the Alps (if the fog has receded down to the valley below) you can enjoy a relatively easy hike and the paths are quite suitable for a durable pram, if needed. There are things for the kids to discover along the first part of the hike such as a barefoot path, finding the animal signs in the forest, and a big hamster-like wheel. About half-way through you will stumble upon a farm that sells cheese and homemade ice cream. All in all, the hike can take anywhere between 1.5 hours and 2 hours depending on the speed of your hiking group. 

Toward the end of the hike, you will stumble upon a number of different areas to start a fire and grill your sauasages, so don’t forget to pack some matches to light a fire (wood is provided) as well as some supplies for your lunch. 

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If grilling sausages isn't your cup of tea, take a break at Alpwirtschaft Stuckli, or Berggasthaus Herrenboden along the route.

Before making your way back to the gondola station, take a detour off route 1 on to route 2 for a chance to walk over the Raiffeisen Skywalk Suspension Bridge (if you dare!). The 374m long bridge reaches over the Lauitobel valley at a height of 58m! Not a fan of heights? Don’t worry, just keep following route number 1. This little detour also isn’t for those of you with prams because you will be walking against the main traffic on the suspension bridge. Prams are only allowed in the direction from the gondola station across the valley. 

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To reward those strong hiking legs, the kids will surely be excited to end their day frolicking in the jumping castles, zooming down the summer toboggan run or flying through the air on a tube

Finish your day with a visit to the Farmer’s Market located underneath the valley gondola station.  They’ll delight you with lots of great local produce and local products to choose from. 

If you are looking for more family friendly hikes, be sure to check out the Swiss Tourism website as well as Moms Tots Zurich.

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There are so many great hikes on offer for families in Switzerland,  and now that Z is able to walk longer and longer we look forward to exploring even more. I would love to hear your suggestions for your favorite family hiking areas. Share your favorites in the comments below.