Belvedere Trogir Camping & Apartments, Croatia

Croatia is high on my bucket list. So when I heard my friend Denise was heading there in her new VW California last autumn I knew I’d be pestering her to contribute to the camping series here on Swiss Family Travel. Croatia is a lot more off the beaten path than your typical campground locations in and around Switzerland, and being on the ocean moves it high up on my list! So when summer has all but left us, why not consider Croatia for a late summer/early autumn getaway?


1. Tell us about your campsite and the best way to get there. 

Once we purchased the VW California, we decided to go to Croatia with it.  It was totally spontaneous and we left the next day.  As it was low season, we had no problem with finding places to stay.  The campsite we chose was Belvedere Trogir Camping & Apartments located by the sea near Split, a little more than halfway down the coast in Croatia.  

We set off from central Switzerland and for a change drove via the Swiss National Park, through part of South Tirol and crossed over to Croatia after a couple of days by Lake Garda.  Croatia as a whole is both a wonderful place to travel through and a wonderful camping destination.  The motorways are in excellent condition, the campsites are clean, the scenery is beautiful, and the bread is fantastic!  It must be noted here that we are 4 star campers.  We like have to have warm water, decent restaurants, mini-markets and clean toilets.  (The extra good thing about having a mini camper is that we have heating!)  

Park up amongst the trees, just by the sea.

Park up amongst the trees, just by the sea.

2. What types of accommodation are on offer? 

This 5 star campsite offered pitches with electricity and water, as well as mobile home lodgings and proper apartments.  We parked on a plot by the sea, with easy access to clean toilets.

Under the trees and under the stars.

Under the trees and under the stars.

3. What facilities does the campsite offer?

The facilities such as  the bathroom, washing up area and laundry room (Miele!) are in excellent condition - well lit and clean.  There are 2 restaurants and a bar on site and quite a large mini supermarket with an on-site mini bakery.

The view from the campground shop down to the sea.

The view from the campground shop down to the sea.

4. What activities does the campsite offer?

We camped right by the sea where the children could go swimming with the sea urchins.  There are playgrounds dotted around and a kids club, but we did not use the kids club as my kids are older.  There was a ferry service to a lovely town nearby called Trogir, which was fun to explore.  In addition to a kids club, they have activities for adults - power walking, aerobics, yoga, bowling and archery! Check out their new pool too. 

5. Breakfast, lunch and dinner: what are your recommendations?

We generally have breakfast by the van.  All we need is coffee and bread, occasionally an egg.  Bread is available from the shop - we didn't need to pre-order the day before. Then, after washing up, the exploring began. We usually end up having a snack during the day—a sandwich prepared at breakfast or something bought at a cafe.  We have a Lotus Grill which means we can cook quite quickly and simply for dinner, however, we do also eat at restaurants quite often.  Deciding where to eat depends on how much food we have in our fridge and what needs to be eaten quickly.

6. What to see and do outside the camp site? 

Trogir was lovely to visit especially because we could leave our van and just hop onto the boat.  Split is about 50 minutes away by car and definitely worth a visit, too.

On our way to Trogir with the little boat service from the campground.

On our way to Trogir with the little boat service from the campground.



7. Any tips on what not to forget?

 My tip here is to try and not pack too much.  A few toys and some outdoor sport equipment, like a football and a badminton set will serve you well.  Cards are a must and books are a great way to spend some quiet time with each other in the evening.



8. Best way to book the holiday?

This depends on if you are traveling low or high season.  We usually travel in low season and generally get a space wherever we turn up, but if you are considering visiting in the height of summer, book ahead. 

9. Anything to watch out for? 

Bring water shoes or flippers for the kids as there were quite a few sea urchins.  The sea urchins don’t do anything, but the kids feel safer.  Also its more comfortable to walk on the the stoney beaches with water shoes.  

10. What sets this camping ground apart from the rest?

 This campground is clean and the staff very friendly. It is professionally run with decent restaurants and a well stocked supermarket.  Add to that, the amazing sunsets!  I would say that the bread is amazing, but that’s everywhere in Croatia. 


11. What type of campers are you?

We are a family of one adventure seeker (dad), proper mattress seeker (me) and 2 children (10 and 12) who actually enjoy the adventure once we are in it. We have had 3 holidays in a camper - 4 weeks in France, 2 weeks in Italy and 2 weeks in Sweden and loved it so much that we needed to buy our very own mini camper, a VW California.  We have also tried tent camping by the Murtensee and Gruyere.  I survived the blow up mattress, but I definitely wanted to come home after 4 days of that. Having a sore back is what finally gave us that final push to purchase our VW California. 

Do you have a favourite campground in Europe to recommend to the Simple Family Travel community? We would love to hear from you! No campground to small, no campground to luxurious!!