Camping Yverdon Plage

Campgrounds are a seriously great option for those families who seek adventure on a limited budget, and that’s big reason we initially started to camp. By staying on campgrounds we can travel more than would be otherwise be possible given the costs for a hotel for a family of five.

But not only that. I love 5 star hotels as much as the next person, but If we had only stayed in hotels to this point, we would have missed out on so much. Sleeping close to nature, reading by headlamp, and enjoying simple meals cooked outside (somehow spaghetti with tomato sauce tastes so much better when camping) are opportunities for our family to bond in a stress free atmosphere.  Another bonus is that it gets our kids away from the electronic screens without them even realizing it.  And I don’t have to do my hair.  

In our next installment of “Let’s Go Camping”, I’ll share our experience with a campground in the French part of Switzerland where we spent 5 nights last summer.  Camping Yverdon Plage sits directly on the lake and our entire family immediately fell in love with this special campground. 



1. Tell us about your campsite and the best way to get there.

Camping Yverdon Plage is located in the French region of Switzerland in the town of Yverdon les Bains.  It’s directly on the southern end of the “Lac de Neuchâtel,” with only a bike path separating the campground and the lake.  Sublime!

Yverdon les Bains is conveniently right off the A1 Motorway and just over 2 hours from Zurich by car. The campground is located on a quaint street lined with adorable holiday homes. It’s an easy walk into town (or scooter ride, see below!) and to the train station. 


2. What types of accommodation are on offer?  

The campground offers both pitches and rental accommodations. 

Pitches for caravans and motor homes are 80 square meters, and in some places a it can be a tight squeeze to get in. But with lots of friendly campers around, someone is bound to help you out. Smaller sites of 40 square meters are available for tents and up to 2 occupants. Electricity is available for an additional fee. 

For those looking for rental accommodation, the campground has fabulous Safari tents, including a wooden terrace. Varying in size from 2 up to 7 guests these are a simple but a slightly more comfortable way to enjoy the campground life. 


3. What facilities does the campsite offer?

The campsite has a small convenience store with the basics, as well as cafe where we enjoyed a nice bottle of rose while we chatted with our neighbours from home who also happened to be at the campground too (small world!). There is also an organic herb garden where you are free to take some herbs to use to cook with (nice touch!).

The bathroom facilities are extremely clean and look brand new. There are plenty of places to wash the dishes as well as a built in bbq and microwave for those looking for even more convenience. High marks here.


4. What activities does the campsite offer?

The campsite has a kids program that they run during the summer (and on weekends during the low season) which includes movies (alternatively in French and German) as well as a slingshot trampoline, bouncy castle complete with popcorn and cotton candy. There is also a small playground also on site. 

5. Breakfast, lunch and dinner: what are your recommendations

Tuesday was our first morning in Yverdon les Bains which coincided with the twice-weekly market (Tuesday/Saturday) and so we stocked up on fresh fruit and vegetables as well as fresh pasta, meats and cheeses to enjoy back at the campground.

Hubby found the most adorable bakery in town (Rue du Collège 5) that he scootered to with one kid every morning, but if you don’t want to go that far for your bread (it was worth it, though!) the campground also has fresh bread delivered daily.  So my advice to you is to bring your scooter and your husband….

We also enjoyed a couple of meals out including an Indian dinner down by grandthe lake, Moroccan in the back of a Moroccan club, and a vegan risotto in Grandson while visiting the castle there.  We are totally adventurous that way.


6. What to see and do outside the camp site?

There was so much to do that we didn’t even scrape the surface. We enjoyed a lazy day at the local swimming pool where the kids braved the 5m tower. We strolled into town to stock up at the local market and of course, the daily visits to the bakery in town. We also enjoyed the large fields next to the campground where the kids could play football and we also hopped on the train to Grandson to visit the castle of the same name

Other things on offer include a boat ride on the lake of Neuchâtel, a visit to the famous local Yverdon les Bains thermal baths, or you can explore the many beautiful towns in and around the region. We didn’t swim in the lake or hang out at the local lakeside area, as for me there were just too many people.  


7.  Any tips on what not to forget? 

Bikes or scooters! There are lots of pathways to follow along the lake and getting into town was a lot quicker with the kids with the scooters.  (And Mama needed her bread.)

8. Best way to book the holiday?

We booked directly with the campground, only a couple of weeks before our visit during the last week of the summer school holidays in August. We got a lovely pitch right with a great view of the lake. 


9. Anything to watch out for?

The lake isn’t so nice to swim in. It’s lovely to look at but it has a lot of algae in it. The local town authorities are cleaning it up (hubby said that the lake of Zug used to also look like this and it’s pretty pristine now) so hopefully it will be a nice place to swim one day in the near future. It didn’t stop other campers though!

10. What sets this camping ground apart from the rest?

The view and the quaint town of Yverdon les Bains are real winners for charm, view, and location. I loved being able to wake up and watch the sunrise over the lake as well as the overall feel of this campground. It had such a relaxing vibe to it. We had previously stayed for a week at a 5-star campground in Austria with everything you could wish for, but surprisingly if you ask any of us, we’d say we enjoyed this campground a lot more. (more on that company 


11. What type of campers are you?

We a family who are willing to try any style of camping, as long as there is a comfortable place to sleep and clean bathrooms! Fresh bread in the morning never hurts, either!  We’ve enjoyed caravans, motorhomes, cabins, mobile homes and a VW camper van (which, for those of you who have followed my blog will know, is my dream). This year we will try a roof top tent, rent a VW camper van again, and try a cabin in the south of France.  So stay tuned!

Let’s Go Camping is a seasonal series here on Simple Family Travel. From March until May we will be discovering campgrounds in and around Switzerland, all which come recommended from families who have actually been there. Discover the best way to get there, where to eat, what to do and what to watch out for. If you would like to contribute, please don’t be shy and get in contact!