Foxtrail scavenger hunt (with first timer tips!) + GIVEAWAY

I was invited by Foxtrail to the opening of the new trail Hermes: Journey away with the Zentralbahn as a member of the media. All opinion are my own.

Foxtrail in Luzern: Hermese: Hin und Weg mit der Zentralbahn.

Foxtrail: on the trail of the fox

Following the trail of the fox was in the diary for me last week. At the opening of the newest scavenger hunt in Luzern, I was curious to experience my very first Foxtrail and see how it would compare to similar experiences I have had in other cities. With 20,000 visitors to Luzern already having experienced a Foxtrail, following clues and solving problems is becoming a popular way to experience a city. Instead of just wandering from must-see sight to the next, visitors can get to know a city from another point of view. 


The trail started in the train station in Luzern on what was one of the hottest days of the year so far; I was glad that I had put on sunscreen and brought along my water bottle for the adventure. With a booklet in hand as a guide, we, a group of media who had gathered for the opening of the trail, started our search for our first clue, looking, high and low, all around until we spotted it. And off we went.

The trail Hermes, named after the god of travel, is a little different than the standard city trails in Luzern, of which there are six others. Instead of wandering the backstreets in the city centre, this brings you out into the villages away from the hustle and bustle.  And not just on foot either—our first clue led us onto a Zentrale Bahn train, zooming us to the canton of Nidwalden. 

Swiss city scavenger hunt, Foxtrail
Swiss city scavenger hunt, Foxtrail
Foxtrail Hermes is stroller accessible.

Clever Puzzles, Tricky Clues

The clues that we had to solve were so clever—big compliments to Laura from Foxtrail on her first trail - I loved the little quirky elements that must have taken a long time to think up and put into plan. A lot of the clues could be found around the train station as well as on the train, so a lot of careful planning had to go into this specific trail. The trail clues are in both German and English and the trail is accessible for prams. 

I must be honest here and reveal that my previous visits to Nidwalden have solely been to visit the popular glass museum in Hergiswil, so it was lovely to get to know this part of Switzerland from a new perspective, and solving clues was just part of the fun. One hint led us to the most adorable lakeside kiosk, wishing we had a little more time to stay awhile, or time to cool down at the local Badi because by this time, we were feeling the heat. Make sure you plan plenty of time while doing any foxtrail, so you can really enjoy each of the sites that you discover.

Standstad is one of the villages you will explore on the Foxtrail out of Luzern.
The cutest kiosk in Stanstad on the Foxtrail

"Der Weg ist das Ziel": The path is the ultimate goal 

While I experienced just a small taste of the Hermes trail, I still felt very accomplished when we reached our end goal, the Stanstad train station. The path gave me plenty of steps towards my daily 10,000 goal and was fun at the same time, important when having kids along for the walk. Anything that keeps them going and motivates them to get outside is a win in my book.

Foxtrail Hermes: Hin und weg mit der Zentralbahn

9 tips for your first Foxtrail

I asked members of the Foxtrail team what they would suggest for families taking a Foxtrail for the first time and here is what they suggested: 

  • Bring a pencil. You will have to note down things along the way, so make sure you have something to write those clues down 

  • Come with an open mind and be ready to think big

  • But also be prepared to look for little details 

  • Read carefully 

  • Look up, look down, look all around

  • Plan plenty of time for the experience

  • Don't forget drinks and a snack or two

  • Don't be stubborn, the tips at the back of your trail notes are there to help you, and it is not cheating to look

  • It is ok to call for help. The trail is supposed to be fun, not frustrating, so call when the extra tips aren’t enough


If this has perked your interest in trying out a Foxtrail you are in luck Together with Foxtrail SFT is GIVING AWAY a family pass to the Hermes Foxtrail valued at 79 chf which includes the trail as well as the train tickets required to complete the train and return to the starting point of Luzern. To enter leave a comment below by Monday 24th June 9am and for an additional chance to win comment over on the Foxtrail post on Facebook. Good luck!

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