Swiss Family Travel Gift Guide 2017


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The gift giving season is just around the corner. How we got to November already is beyond me. You now have two choices:  bury you head in the sand and rush around sorting gifts (and inevitably spending too much money) at the last minute or you could take a page out of my stress-free Christmas guide and prepare early! 


Swiss Family Travel 2018 Gift Guide - kids

Swiss Family Travel 2017 Gift Guides

Why do it early?

Organising your gifts early will not only reduce your stress in the lead up to the big day, but it will give you more time to do the things you really want to do, including spending quality time with your family. Imagine calm wintery weekends inside baking cookies together or visiting a Christmas market with a warming Glühwein in hand just for the atmosphere. No rushing,  no stress.  You already know this deep down in your heart.  

Experiences Instead of Things

If the image of a stress free advent season hasn’t already got you on board I have another plus for purchasing those gifts in advanced, you can be more intentional with your purchases. I know that as a busy Mum of 3 the last thing I need is to be bombarded with gifts that will just clutter up my home.  I want to be out there spending more time with my family, not tidying, decluttering or shouting at the kids to tidy up. So “experiences instead of things” is my motto for 2017.   People tend to remember experiences more than they remember things, and therefore they are always at the top of my gift giving list.

I do, however, support the purchase of some items.  For example:

  • Items that encourage creativity, family bonds and help with travel

  • Items which are truly useful

So to help you with some inspiration I have put together my 2017 gift guide. You will find lots of suggestions for both kids and adults, as well as Swiss-themed gifts and “entire family” gifts.   Read on!





I hope that this helps you get a jump start on your holiday shopping so that you can focus on what really matters this time of year - quality time with your loved ones.     

Do you have something that you would add to the list? How do you keep gift giving under control and cut your stress at this time of year?