A Postcard from May

It should come at no surprise that the weather was topic number 1 this past May, we experienced it all. Snow flakes, pouring rain with plenty of puddles to jump into and bright blue sky days dotted in between, May's weather has been varied to say the least. But as I put on my raincoat for what felt like hundredth time I started to let go my dislike for the rain - it can be disruptive, but boy is it important, especially if we are in for another hot summer like last year. 

With all that rain we were very fortunate to be able to celebrate three of the four big family celebrations this month outside. The Teen turned 14 with her friends coming over for pizzas and strawberries. Hubby celebrated his birthday with family and homemade pita bread and of course strawberries too. (Yay for strawberry season! Supermarket strawberries don't compare to those picked fresh locally.)

This past month I finally sorted out Little Z's passports, renewing her Swiss one and finally making the trip down to Geneva to apply for her Australian one. A job I have been putting off for 5 years was made more enjoyable by combing it with an overnight in Montreux to visit my newphew who turned 20 as well as meeting up with a long time friend for lunch in Geneva the following day. I finally got to taste a 5 Guys burger, an American burger chain that I learned about from one of my favorite podcasts, How I Built This.  

In May, I also seemed to spend a lot of time in Switzerland’s apple canton, Thurgau. My first trip east was on a media trip with Thurgau Tourism, returning ten days later to celebrate my Godson's confirmation. I've returned from Thurgau with a small obsession for Möhl Bio Süssmost, a cloudy apple and pear juice, that I thankfully found in a drinks shop in Zug. 


Speaking of Thurgau, my article from my visit to the MoMö Museum went up on the blog in May, keep an eye out for another article or two coming out soon. There was also a blog post about a campground in Murten, adding to the many campgrounds we have now reviewed around the country. It was a little bit of a quieter month in May on the blog front thanks to a filled schedule and a little bit of writer's block. But just like as the sunshine and warm temperatures have returned, so has my inspiration, with June bringing back a bi-weekly schedule as well as the weekly newsletter.


June's articles already kicked off on Monday with a post on self-catering when exploring Switzerland thanks to SFT contributor April. I've got an article on Ballenberg coming up early next week as well as on a Foxtrail I've recently explored near Luzern, another campground review as well as a trip to Grächen that we have coming up. SFT contributor Abbie shares her girls weekend away to Vienna as well.

To round out the month, I am heading to Scotland and London - all on my own, leaving the Mama guilt and the rest of the family at home. This trip, with a group of people I've never met, makes me excited and nervous all at the same time. It's all organised by someone else, which means all I have to do is turn up! 

I hope that wherever this finds you, be that lapping up the summer sunshine of the northern hemisphere or rugged up down under; I hope your June is a good one. 

Happy June