MoMö Museum: The apple juice museum in Thurgau

Switzerland is well known for its cheese, and most definitely for its chocolate. But did you know that we are also a big apple producer too? In the Swiss canton of Thurgau, it's all about the apple. You will find apple trees, apple trails, apples to eat, apples to drink, and even an Apple Queen. Supplying Switzerland with a third of its eating apples and almost half of its apples for juicing, it is easy to see why it got its reputation as the apple canton of Switzerland. Affectionately known Swiss-wide as “Most-India” (Apple Juice India) thanks to its easterly location, Thurgau is a great place to spend a day with the kids enjoying all things apple!


Starting your very own "Tour de Apple.”

Located in the heart of Most-India, the family-run juice factory Mosterei Möhl, one of only 2 large scale apple juice companies in Switzerland, has been pressing apples for 5 generations.  Today, 124 years after the company was founded, Möhl is more than just an apple pressing factory. “MoMö”, the most recent addition, includes a museum all about Switzerland's apple juicing history as well as a cafe, playground, and shop. I stopped by on my whirl-wind 24-hour tour of Thurgau to have a look.

The MoMö Museum

The sound of a buzzing bee, a wood carved map of Switzerland, and a single red apple perched like a trophy greet visitors entering the 6-month-old MoMö building. The museum which is located past the bar (where you can purchase tickets) starts off with the history of Mosterei Möhl and moves onto explaining the whole juicing process from pollination to final product. The entire experience is interactive with doors to open, buttons to push, and information to listen to. Impressively some of those things are at kid-level too. The museum is ideal for kids from about the age of 6, but don't worry if you have younger kids tagging along - the whole area is very kid friendly with plenty of room for a pram, too. 

Photo Credit: MoMö museum

Photo Credit: MoMö museum


Want to know more about Apple Juice?

For those wanting to dive a little deeper into the production of the varieties of apple juice and apple wine, and see first-hand large oak barrels, juicing machines, and the large steel vats, then I would recommend pre-booking a behind the scenes tour. Suitable for children from the age of 10 and above, these two-hour tours are in German and take place weekly on a Saturday (call ahead to check exact days). The tour price is 10chf for kids and 15chf for adults, include a tasting of Möhl apple drink products at the end as well as entry into the museum. 


Museum, Cafe and Shop

Don't just save a visit to MoMö for a rainy day! Open Wednesday through Sunday, with its newly opened fruit garden with an apple-themed playground, the kids will want to stick around a little longer than just the museum visit. Grab a light lunch and a glass of something apple from the onsite cafe/bar and sit back while the kids explore. Not looking for a meal? They also have the standard coffee and gipfeli offerings for the mid-morning pick me up. Before you leave, check out the shop filled with local products including (of course) from Möhl - a great souvenir of your visit to Thurgau. 

Photo Credit: MoMö Museum

Photo Credit: MoMö Museum


How to get to the MoMö Museum

The MoMö museum is located just outside of the town of Arbon at the far easterly point of the canton of Thurgau which is just over an hours drive from Zurich via St Gallen. There is free parking behind the museum. Coming by public transport will take you a little longer: take a train from Zurich to St Gallen and then another 30 minutes on a local bus.

Explore Thurgau over a weekend

If you are looking to turn your visit to the MoMö trip into a day or a weekend stay in the apple canton of Switzerland than consider the following: 

Note: I visited Thurgau as a part of a Press trip with
Thurgau Tourism. All thoughts are my own. 

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