My favourite Podcasts

Is it just because I love them or are podcasts gaining in popularity?  So many of my favourite bloggers have jumped on the podcast wagon and are able to share a more in-depth and personal message through the podcast medium. I remember listening to my first podcast years ago when I first eagerly entered into the world of photography. It was called Photo Focus by Scott Bourne and really changed the way I went about gathering information on topics of interest to me.  

I listen to podcasts every day, whether I am cooking dinner, folding laundry, doing the ironing or going to the gym. Listening to a podcast during a not-so-fun task helps me to refocus and learn.  By listening while I work I feel like I’m actually gaining some free time. Podcasts have actually taken the place of television programs, which I rarely watch anymore.

Today I’m going to share with all my favourite podcasts in case you’re looking for a little inspiration!

For those yearning to slow down your life: Slow your Home

Brooke McAlary’s blog “Slow you Home” was one of the very first blogs I stumbled upon when I was discovering the world of minimalism living. When she announced her podcast which she creates wit her husband Ben, I was so excited and knew this would be the perfect thing to listen to as I started on my journey of minimising. I love their insightful interviews with people I would of never have stumbled upon myself, and I love the minimising experiments they suggest and actually do. Thanks to their yoga experiment, I found the Yoga with Adrien videos and I can happily say I am now officially a Yogi. While initially decluttering my home, I listened to this podcast to help keep my motivation high. 

Other podcasts in this genre: The Minimalists

For those on an intentional parenting journey: The Simple Show

Tsh Oxenreider’s was one of the earlier adoptors of the podcast medium. I thoroughly enjoyed her blog before finding her podcast. Originally called “The Art of Simple” she now podcasts under the name “The Simple Show”.  I love the new format where she chats with her co-hosts about traveling with family, books and family life. It’s a great thing to listen to and always has me thinking about which ideas would work for my family. I like that she also lives a slow and intentional life. 

Other podcasts in this genre: Slow Your Home

For self improvement junkies: Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Is there anyone who doesn’t love Gretchen Rubin and her books?  If you don’t know about her yet, I encourage you to have a look!  When she started a podcast I jumped on board immediately and have never missed an episode. This podcast is a project that she does with her sister, and they implement one of the suggestions in her book during each episode. While podcasts with two people can often seem a bit scripted and stiff, this podcast has structure but much of the dialogue is the two of them debating ideas spontaneously. I love how they always provide a practical tip each episode and although they don’t necessarily follow the concept of slow living, I can apply many of the concepts to my own life an have gained so much insight from them.

Other podcasts in the genre: The Tim Ferriss Show, Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

For the aspiring entrepreneur.: Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

I stumbled upon this podcast through The Tim Ferriss Show (episode #248) and I have not stopped listening since then! Despite the fact that I am not involved in a tech start-up, I have really enjoyed hearing all about the highs and lows of big tech companies such as Facebook, Airbnb, Minted and Netflix and how they’ve scaled a small idea into a huge success.  My biggest take away from these podcasts is to just jump in, and to be ok with failure. 

Other podcasts in this genre: The Tim Ferriss Show, Soulful PR podcast


For the traveling family: Family Adventure Podcast with Erik Hemingway

I do have a secret wish to travel for an extended period of time with the family so I love hearing of people’s adventures and the practical ways they’ve gone about doing it.  Even though I wouldn’t necessarily call myself the adventurous type, I do like research so hearing of other peoples experiences before I jump in is always useful to me in my own travel planning. The Family Adventure Podcast is a great place to hear those stories and it allows me to live vicariously through the families they interview on this podcast. 

Other podcasts in this genre: The Art of Simple (special episodes on travel with co host Stephanie Langford), The Thoughtful Travel Podcast.


For those addicted to Instagram: Hashtag Authentic

There is so much more to Instagram than just a pretty picture, although great photos do help. But in the end, success on Instagram boils down to building authentic connections. I love Sarah and her podcast Hashtag Authentic. She brings on great guests with such practical information for those of us who love Instagram, and Sarah’s tips and tricks and special guests always get to the heart of how to make those connections.

Other podcasts in this genre: My Open Kitchen


For those new to blogging:  Pro Blogger

If you want to make a go of blogging, Pro Blogger should be your first stop for all kinds of practical information about the blogging world. I found the Pro Blogger community only a couple of months ago but I have already learnt so much from their podcasts, website, and Facebook group. I am relatively new to this blogging gig (with many false starts over the past 10 years) and this time I am determined to get it right. Pro Blogger podcast episodes are long, but they are chocked full of valuable content. I’ve got my eye on one of their conferences in 2018.  Make sure you dig into the archives to find the episodes that are relevant to your blog and questions. 

Other podcasts in the genre: Blogtacular, Soulful PR


For those looking to create a creative small business:  Elise Blaha Cripe

If you love all things crafty and want to dive into the world of creative small business, this is the podcast for you. The archives of Elise Gets Crafty are a gold mine. Elise was my first “online crush” when it came to how well she has invented and reinvented herself online. She has now founded a solid business selling effective planners called the “Get to work book” (yes I have one!). She is probably the most creative person I have ever followed and she constantly surprises me with her unique and practical ideas. She is also a wonderful photographer, and small business owner.

Other podcasts in the genre:  Side Hustle School


For homesick Aussies: The Marco, Ed & Robin Catch up

I personally don’t know too many Aussies abroad, however I know you’re out there and this choice is for you! I love listening to Triple M Breakfast Show—the daily podcast from the local Brisbane radio station. It is one thing I miss about my mornings back in the Oz days and I love that I can get still get a little bit of Brisbane into my day while staying up to date with what’s going on in my home town. And since they’re quite entertaining as well, its the perfect way to start my day. 

Now it’s your turn. Share your favorite podcasts with us!