Swimming at Seealpsee

Today we venture east, and into the Canton of Appenzell. Julia, a mum of two, takes us swimming in the mountains this week. 

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Where is your favourite Badi?

A very special "Badi" is located in the middle of the Alpstein in Appenzell. It's a mountain lake called Seealpsee.

Opening Hours and entry price?

Always open :) and free

Best way to get there?

The lake is a 50-60 minute walk from Wasserauen. You can get to Wasserauen by train or by car. There is a steep private road all the way up to the Bad although there is also a little alpine trail through the forest which we prefer to use. You have to bring a carrier for your kids as both trails are very steep. A stroller is definitely not recommended.


What sets your Badi apart from the rest?

Clear air and crystal clear mountain water, peace, and quiet away from the typical Badi crowds.  The lake is very small and you can easily hike around it. There is also a restaurant and small chapel by the lake, as well as a small forested walking area. The lake has the most crystal clear water, and although it’s pretty cold, on hot summer days it's so refreshing. You can also rent a boat there if you’d like.

Anything yummy that we must try on the menu?

There are two restaurants, and both have guest rooms for sleeping, too. Food is regional, homemade and delicious. Try the Bärlauchspätzli and Flauder (lemonade from Appenzell).

What’s one thing you never go to the Badi without? 

Schwimmflügeli (water wings for my kids) and sunscreen.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am Julia, 34 years old, German, and living in Appenzell with my Swiss- American husband.  I am the mum of two boys, 1 and 3 years old. We love outdoor sports and being in the mountains and we enjoy introducing this to our kids. On Instagram our theme centers around an active life with children. We look forward to engaging families and inspiring them to get outdoors together. 

Thanks Julia for sharing with us such a special place, it sound just magical. I am really enjoying how this series is inspiring us all to get out and explore different, and in some cases, hidden parts of Switzerland. You can visit Julia over on Instagram.

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We love sharing different places to swim all over Switzerland, so if yours isn't on the list we would love to hear from you. Get in contact!