Ski Tip: Emergency Contact Card

Add an "in case of emergency" card into your kid's ski jacket this season
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My motto in life is to be always be prepared. 

If I am prepared, when the dreaded thing does happen, hopefully my preparedness will help ease the stress. I probably would have made a very good Girl Scout. 

I have many little tricks that I use in my every day life that I think nothing of. But as I dropped off The Boy for a week of skiing with his friend earlier this year, I mentioned in passing I had added an “in case of emergency" card into his ski jacket pocket.  You know, for just in case!

Your kid doesn’t need to be heading off to ski on his or her own to benefit from this. Many kids go to ski school, or could, in difficult conditions, get separated from family, so having an emergency card in their jacket pockets on the whole is a good idea. 

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All you need is 

    ◦    Small piece of cardboard 

    ◦    A pen 

    ◦    Your emergency contact numbers

As The Boy is skied without us, I listed my friend’s contact number on the card first followed by our numbers. If you are staying at a hotel, you might also put the number of your hotel or of other people you are traveling with.  

Also consider writing down the emergency number for your local ski area and while you are at it, save it to your phone too.  (Thanks to SFT contributor Gay for this tip!)

Added tip: Tanya from Moms Tots Zürich suggests laminating your emergency card as well, doesn't that make sense! 

These cards can be used in many different situations. You could put one in their school bags, or when you are out and about traveling. 

I also put one in my passport when I travel with the kids on my own - just in case something happened to me - someone would know who to contact at both home and our destination.

Do you use emergency contact cards or have another method for ensuring your kids’ safety on the slope or while away from home?  


A great tip for kids who are at ski school. Add an "in case of emergency" card into their ski jacket pocket.