Where to swim in Davos: Bachi's Strandbad Davos

You already know that Switzerland is famous for its mountains, and I promise you they are worth a visit not only in winter to hit the ski slopes. In summer, once the snow has melted, the mountains are the ideal place to escape the summer heat. After you have explored the hiking trails, why not jump into one of the many lakes for a cool swim?


The town of Davos, more famous for skiing and the world Economic forum, also has an amazing place to swim which I personally discovered last summer during our stay at the Waldhuus hotel

Where is your favourite Badi?:

 Bachi's Strandbad Davos, located on the lake as you enter Davos.


Opening Hours & Entry price: 

In summer the badi is open daily from 9.30am am till 10pm, with the kitchen serving warm food from 11am-8pm. The restaurant is also open 5 days a week during the winter season.


The best way to get there?: 

The badi is located the beginning of the Davos village so is about a 30 minute walk from most accommodation. The closest train station is Davos Dorf. If you are coming by car, there is a car park off the main road next to the lake. From there it is just a short stroll along the lake to reach the badi.


What sets your favourite Badi apart from the rest?: 

Swimming and the Swiss Alps aren’t something that you would naturally think fit together and although the water is cooler than down in the valleys, the view certainly makes up for it. I will admit I didn't swim on my visit, but I did enjoy sitting back with a smoothie and my kindle while I enjoyed the fresh mountain air and watched a group of teenagers learn how to windsurf.


Anything yummy that we must try on the menu?: 

I came with a full tummy after an irresistible breakfast buffet at the Waldhuus so for a mid- morning snack I enjoyed a berry smoothie. The menu is diverse—everything from the typical  badi favorites likes burgers, sauasages and fries but they also have traditional Swiss cheese fondue, cured meats, and the local speciality, Capuns.


What is one thing you never go to the Badi without?:

I never go to the Badi without my Kindle. I love that I can bring along as many books as I want without having to weigh down my already heavy badi bag!


If your favourite place to swim in Switzerland has not yet made the “My Badi” list please get in contact!