5 Swiss Children's Books

5 Swiss kids books

With the gift giving season quickly closing in on us, this month’s top 5 hopes to help you cross some of those gifts off your list with some children's book suggestions  Whether you are living in Switzerland, plan to visit soon, or just want to bring a little bit of Swissness into the lives of your loved ones, here is a list of 5 different books any kid would love to get. 

1. The locals read: Globi 

Swiss Books for Kids: Globi

Every Swiss kid has grown up with the tales of Globi the curious parrot. Although the majority of the titles are in German, you can find a few in English. Check out “Globi’s trip through Switzerland” which follows Globi’s adventures exploring Switzerland by train - perfect to get your kids excited for their next adventure in Switzerland. 

Buy it: Orell Füssli | Amazon.com | Amazon.de | Book Depository

2. The classic: Schallen Ursli 

Swiss Books for kids: A Bell for Ursli

I fell in love with the illustrations of Alois Carigiet even before I had kids myself. His most well known imagery in the book “Schallen Ursi” (or in English “A bell for Ursli” ) is a Swiss classic. If you have already discovered Schallen Ursi, why not try out a few of the other books including 2 about Schallen Ursi’s sister Flurina, "Flurina and the Wild birds" and "The Snowstorm."

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3. Explore Basel: Basel Hidden Stories


Every city should have a book for kid’s as engaging as “Basel Hidden Stories." The book consists of 6 stories, some based on Medieval legends, others purely fictional, but all aimed at engaging kids while exploring Basel. I even learned a thing or two! I picked up a copy when I was in Basel recently as a gift for my kids, and now they are asking when we will go and visit. 

Buy it: Orell Füslli | Amazon.com | Amazon.de | Book Depository

4. Visiting the Matterhorn: Wolli and the story of the first ascent of the Matterhorn

Children's books about the Matterhorn

I discovered this book on our recent trip to Zermatt to see the Matterhorn and wish we had it before we visited. If we had read this story beforehand I do think my kids would of had a little more appreciation for this majestic mountain.. The book was created in remembrance of the 150 year anniversary of the first Matterhorn ascent where 7 climbers started out and only 3 returned.

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5. For all ages: Wimmelbooks

Wimmelbuchs from Switzerland

Wimmelbooks are “Where’s Waldo” type books and are very popular here in Switzerland. Little Z’s favourite has to be this one (insert link) on Switzerland. On each page you will find the same characters doing different activities set in various Swiss scenes, from the lake of Geneva to the ski fields. If you are looking for city-specific books check out this one from Zurich and this one Bern, (and the airports even have their own books). This Christmas Sprüngli is even selling a Zurich Wimmel advent calendar.

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