Swiss Family Life: a postcard from December

Swiss Family life in December 2018

I hope your 2018 ended on a high and your 2019 started just right. The kids are all back to school today and the house feels suddenly overly quiet, with just the distant whirring of the washing machine that has been in overdrive since our return from the mountains a few days ago. I’ve opened my laptop to write for the first time this year and it feels good to be back. 

December 2018 was a full month that kept us entertained, but not overly busy and stressed out, a first for us.  Instead of bracing the crowds of the big cities and their Christmas markets, we stuck closer to home visiting just the local Zug market which was enough to get our fix of Öpfelküchli and Glühwein. We spent a lot of time together at home, in fact we stuck a lot closer to home than any other month this past year, baking cookies and creating seasoned salts for presents, perfecting our pasta making skills for our Christmas eve dinner and lighting lots of candles to make the dark days of December a little more bearable. 

December was filled with traditions such as catching up with old friends at the annual cookie exchange, sharing our annual visit from Samichlaus with visiting relatives from Australia, and the older kids heading out for Klausjagen. But we started new traditions too, like baking zopf together each Saturday evening, watching Landfrauküche on Swiss TV each Friday evening and gathering around the table enjoying long meals with the people we love. I’ve eaten way too much and am thankful all the delicious foods have disappeared for another year.

We said goodbye to December and 2018 in the mountains, escaping to the ski resort of Andermatt, a convenient 1 hour drive from our home.  We spent 7 days with friends who are more like family doing well, really not much: just 2 days of skiing, a day of sledding and snowman building and plenty of time relaxing, playing guess this song and Brändidog and laughing till our tummies hurt watching Michel McIntyre reruns. 

2018 was a jam packed year, with a lot to be grateful for. The blog took on a new direction sharing more of my love of Switzerland, considering I’ve lived here almost half of my life (June 29, 2020 is that magical date). Through 90 blogposts I’ve shared my thoughts on topics ranging from getting over my fear of turbulence to where to ski, swim and camp in Switzerland.  

What's ahead in 2019 for Swiss Family Travel

But now it’s January with 12 new months to fill.  A new year makes me all excited for all its new possibilities. 

  • With more ideas than time on my hands, expect to see more than just my voice here on the blog in 2019. SFT is currently on the look out for people interested in contributing regularly (1 article per month). So if you have a passion for storytelling, love Switzerland, and are looking to exchange your talent for my photography talent (business or family photography) please get in touch. 

  • In 2019 SFT will continue to be focused on experiencing Switzerland through a more local perspective. Think local travel guides, tried and tested itineraries and local insights that will help you to get more out of your stay in Switzerland. Have a question, query or suggestion? Get in touch or wait for the survey coming out soon. 

  • On a more personal front, 2019 will be about going deep. Deep into relationships with my family and friends, going deep into the subject on happiness through the year long Happiness Project Course, deepening my writing and photography skills - all while trying to deepen my ability to de-stress. 

  • My word to live by for 2019 is yet to be decided upon, but I am thinking of: deep, pause, light and accept.

Happy 2019. I feel like its going to be a good one.