Swiss Family Life: a postcard from January

Swiss Family Life: January 2019

We started the month by throwing our Christmas tree out the window (yes you read that right) and ended it with the kids off on another 2-week break.  Did January fly by as quick for you as it did for me? Were we not just up in the mountains ringing in the new year? 

Despite the bad rap it gets, January is actually one of my favourite months, and not just because it’s my birthday month (37 has started off great, by the way!). I like to take things slowly during this time of year and spend a lot of time at home which I’ve done - pressing the restart button and getting my head around the year ahead. But this year instead of attacking the year as a whole, I am taking life a month at a time. 

I have the year long Happiness Project course to thank for this approach, which has me focusing on only one topic per month. I have been checking in weekly with my accountability partner Andrea, and feel quite on top of things. The course though did suggest choosing a "19 for 2019” list - 19 things that I want to get done this year. Everything from finally fixing the fridge handle to buying a secondhand ukulele made my list. In January I was able to cross off two things off already: I made our 2018 family photo album (blogpost coming soon) as well as getting up the courage to enter a local photography competition. 

Speaking of photography, I was not only thrilled to sell an image of mine to a local tourism website (did you know I sold stock photography?) but I was just as thrilled to have finally made greeting cards with some of my favorite photos. 

This past month as a family we spent many weekends on the sled enjoying the snow and discovering the biggest snowman I’ve ever seen. We warmed up with yummy fondue where I remembered once again that I am at my happiest around the table laughing and chatting with family and friends. 

With the cold and mostly grey weather I spent a lot of time in the kitchen, too. I am happy to repost January’s successes which were an amazingly crispy but airy focaccia and I’ve finally nailed my Zopf (A Swiss Sunday bread) recipe, but found out that my pavlova skills still need a bit of work. How is it that I am better at cooking European fare than Australian fare?

On the blog side of things, if you missed the 16 family friendly destinations in Switzerland post with suggestions from Swiss based families from around the country, I encourage you to pop over and have a read. And while I’m telling you what to do, head over here and take the SFT 2019 reader survey to help us decide what type of content you would like to see more of this year.  

But now it’s February and we have snow on our minds. We said goodbye to the Teen this morning as she heads off on her school ski trip. The Boy will spend a few days at the end of the week enjoying some more local based sports before we pack up the car and all head to Engadin for a week.  I  don’t think I will get on the skis this year, but instead I look forward to getting some inspiration from SFT writer Abbie’s top suggestions for enjoying the snow without having to ski (look for that feature coming out on the13th). 

Since we introduced beeswax covers to replace our cling-wrap usage in the kitchen the environment has been on my mind, and so I’ve put together 7 tips for reducing your environmental footprint while visiting Switzerland which comes out on Wednesday. 

Whatever you do this month, be that on the slopes or somewhere else warmer (I have been known to escape to Singapore this time of year) I hope it is a good one! 

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