A postcard from March

Celebrating Fasnacht in Switzerland - the Swiss version of Carnival

Does anyone else feel like March always goes on forever? Somehow every year I always feel like I end up with a “bonus” week in the end. That, and we’ve just lost an hour of sleep over the weekend with summer time beginning here in Europe. Yay to longer evenings but ugh to the jetlag feeling—it takes me a good week to adjust to getting up an hour earlier each day. 

When I look back through my calendar to see what we got up to, I realised that we had a full March. If I asked the kids, their highlight would have to be the Fasnacht parade in our local village. It was a day to dress up and have a lot of fun. Little Z and I went dressed up as Pirates and had a ball throwing confetti, giving out sweets and oranges, and dancing to the Guggenmusic (brass band) that was marching just ahead of us in the parade we participated in. I finished off the Fasnacht season with my first visit to Chrööpfelimee, which has to be the sweetest tradition in our country. 

What to do in Zurich? Why not take a bread backing course.

On a more personal note, I am learning to say no. Not because I don’t want to accept invitations and do things, but because I’m learning that I  just can’t do everything. It’s a hard lesson to learn and after 37 years I am finally starting to get the hang of it. I'm no longer a main organiser for the local mother’s group but have changed my voluntary commitments to a behind-the-scenes role of our local women’s club helping with their website and an upcoming project to celebrate their 100 year anniversary. I said no to joining a new choir even though I would love to sing again - it just doesn’t fit into my life right now. And no to skiing in March, as I’ve finally realised that we don’t ski after ski break. 

Saying no doesn’t mean forever, but it also means I have more energy for those things I say yes to! 

For example, I recently said yes to a meet up with Suzy, a fellow Aussie who is part of building the brand Connie’s Ketchup. I said yes to more baking, practising my bread making skills with Hubby at a course at the Zurich flour Mill, Mühlerama. I said yes to writing for KinderRegion again, this time it’s all about the Detective Trail in Zug. Yes to more photo shoots, this time for an interior designer from Zug! And a big yes to booking a week away this coming June just for me. That one took a little courage, but I am excited to head to Scotland with Gillian and Annabelle from the Dispatch to a Friend podcast for adventures in fly fishing, whisky tasting and blooms. 4 days just for me, no work or commitments - I’m nervously excited.  Watch this space!

Now we are all looking forward to April and 2 weeks of spring break. We’ve got plenty coming up including a 10 day trip to Portugal, visiting the LUGA for the first time, taking The Teen to her first grown-up concert, visiting day at school, Easter brunch at Z’s farm playground, as well as  helping other small businesses get their online presence up and running! On SFT there are plenty of campground reviews coming to help with your summer planning as well as a girlfriend’s guide to Vienna with SFT writer Abbie not to mention a chocolate-themed post ready for Easter. 

Happy April!