Swiss Gift Guide for adults

The Switzerland Gift Guides is ready to help inspire you for some Swiss themed gift giving ideas. Below you will find some of my very favourite Swiss things - things for the home, food and drink, books, games and not forgetting experiences. If you are looking for something Swiss for the kids - check out our Swiss Gift Guide For Kids.


Swiss Gift Guide
  • The best peeler you will ever try - Zena Swiss Sparschäler Rex - from Globus for 5.90CHF

  • I couldn’t survive in the kitchen without these pairing knives - a set from Victorinox for 22 CHF

  • How do the Swiss roll their cookies so evenly? Teighölzli are your answer - from Betty Bossi for 17.90 CHF

  • This would have to be the CUTEST fondue pot EVER, and we may just have it ourselves - Alois Carigiet Fondue Pot from Kuhnrikon starting from 119 CHF

  • Or these simple but adorable Fondue plates - from Steinlin for 39.90 CHF

  • Check out the vintage Swiss army store from Curial Swiss Army and their main site Curial Vintage for unique Swissness for your home.

  • With a huge range of vintage Swiss posters, Galerie 123 is a great place to start looking for something special for your walls.


Presents from Switzerland
  • Check out the list of the winners of the Swiss Beer Awards for inspiration for your favourite Beer drinker

  • Gin is in - so why not give the gift of local Gin - I’ve got my eyes on the Gin made from the Halfihof Fruit Farm - Florales Rigi Dry Gin. From for 61.50 CHF

  • Support local Swiss Organic Farmers with a gift voucher or gift box from Farmy

  • There is more to Swiss Chocolate than just Lindt get to know smaller producers whose passion is all about the chocolate

    • Taucherli Handmade Chocolates in Zurich

    • Max Chocolatier also in Zürich

    • Strickler in Zug for their Pavés

    • The small bakery Chilestägli in the town of Arth located at the end of the lake Zug has amazing Kirschstengeli (chocolate filled with cherry brandy) and other declicious chocolate specialities. Aeschbach Chocolatier make great ones too



Gifts from Switzerland
  • The most beautiful Jass Set I’ve ever seen - from Kurts for 154 CHF

  • These are from the kid’s list but I know adults who love games too!

  • Monopoly has gone Swiss and there are


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