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How warm was your September?  We enjoyed wonderful warm weather and I found it to be the perfect end to what felt like an endless summer here in Switzerland. We filled our month with awesome excursions in order to hang on to those sunny warm days. We camped in Murten and Italy, made day trips to Germany, Solothurn and the top of the Gotthard, hiked to Spitzmeilen SAC hut and I had a blissful kid-free escape to Colmar with my choir. 

Note to self: just because the days are still warm, they really are getting shorter. Arriving at 8pm on a campground in September will mean it is dark which is not ideal for pitching a tent! (I really wish these mugs shipped to Switzerland, would be the perfect wedding anniversary gift.)

Back at home, thanks to a kind neighbour with an abundance of summer ripened tomatillos, I was able to to make salsa verde for the first time. Decent Mexican fare isn’t something that’s easily come by here in Switzerland, which forces me into my own kitchen if I have a craving. I tried this recipe for salsa verde and then used the finished salsa for these enchiladas. Yum!

Tuesday evenings in September were spent with a Kaffee Schanpps (a light coffee laced with schnapps) while I worked on my “jassen” skills. I have never really understood this traditional and very popular Swiss card game brought to Switzerland by Dutch immigrants, and so I signed up for a class with the local women’s community group. I am now proud to say I can decide if I should play “trumpf” or “undenufa” and have plans to write up a English instruction guide to share here next month so you can learn how, too. 

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Good night from inside our cozy tent!

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On a more personal note, we said “tschüss” to our nephew, who went off to learn English in New Zealand for 6 months, I sung with my choir in the first Zug Choir night (so much fun!) and I helped out over 2 days at our bi-annual secondhand kids clothing sale in our village. The Teen and her friend were in charge of the cake stall, which I totally forgot I had offered to contribute to until 1 hour before start! Thank goodness for my go-to chocolate cake recipe that I can have in the oven in 10 minutes. 

But what I must remember for next September, is that it’s already a full month, filled with back to school evenings, new routines and warm days begging for a more laid back attitude. I may have filled the month up a little too much, trying to extend that summer feeling while ignoring that we need to be back in school mode. What saved me was my lunch exchanges (remember, Swiss kids come home for lunch) with Pamela that all the kids love, that gives us both some breathing room with one kid-free lunch day per week. It really is the little things that help so much!

But it’s now October and with the change of seasons comes a change in what we are doing and eating. Finally the pumpkins have arrived into the grocery stores and my favourite autumn dish “Wild without Wild” has reappeared on restaurant menus. I’m looking forward to sharing some great Swiss fall traditions with you this month, so watch this space.

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