TCS Camping Disentis

Camping in the Swiss Alps? Yes, please!

Up next in the series “Let’s Go Camping,” Kiwi mum of 2 Amanda shares with her first Swiss campground experience, TCS Disentis. 

With plenty of hiking on the doorstep, the campground at Disentis is a great place for a summertime adventure. Got kids? Even better—the campground has a great lake!

1. Tell us about your campsite and the best way to get there. 

TCS Disentis is located in the canton of Graubünden, a very leisurely 40 minute drive from Chur. Whether you come in from Chur or across the Alps from Andermatt, the drive is simply spectacular. You’ll see plenty of Swiss chocolate box farm houses bursting with geraniums and the vistas that will have you stopping at every other corner. One of the train services that runs through Disentis is none other than the Glacier Express. It truly is a treat!

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2. What types of accommodation are on offer? 

In additional to traditional camping pitches, private caravans and cabin PODS are available for rental if hauling all your own gear is not your thing. We highly recommend taking a pitch closer to the man made lake if you can.

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3. What facilities does the campsite offer? 

This was the very first campsite we had been to in Switzerland, and now we realise this is quite standard, but we were super impressed by how clean the facilities were. The bathrooms were serviced regularly and the other campers all did their part to keep the kitchen facilities and areas around their pitches clean and tidy.

4. What activities does the campsite offer?

There is a small restaurant on site for evening dining if you decide not to cook. At the small convenience store we were able to order fresh bread for the following morning and hot Pommes Frites for the kiddos. They also had a small selection of last minute meal purchases if you were in a bind, too.

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5. Breakfast, lunch and dinner: what are your recommendations

We like to keep our meals basic while camping. We will often make oatmeal/porridge on the camping stove or in the campground kitchen and have this with some fresh bread that we ordered the night before and picked up from the convenience store. Lunches are either simple sandwiches with a side of sliced fruit and cheese or we treat ourselves to a mountain top restaurant if that is in the plans for the day. Dinners are usually very simple, something like grilled Bratwursts with a side salad. 

There are two supermarkets in town, SPAR is the larger market and offers much more in the way of fresh produce and baked goods.

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6. What to see and do outside the camp site?

The campground is located adjacent to a gorgeous river bed which you can fill an entire afternoon exploring, or even try your hand at panning for gold. Like any good Swiss campground, there is hiking-a-plenty! They also offer free passes to the local cable car if you’re more of the ride up/hike down kind of family. In town is the Distentis Abbey, founded in the 8th century. The Benedictine monks welcome visitors with their hourly prayers.

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7. Any tips on what not to forget? 

The lake in the middle of the campground is so fun for kids, if you have an inflatable boat or canoe, it would be worth bringing it. Someone else had bought a remote control boat and our kids thought that was pretty neat, too.

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8. Best way to book the holiday? 

Book online through TCS here.  

9. Anything to watch out for? 

We arrived in the afternoon of 31 July and were treated to a spectacular fireworks display that lit up the whole valley. Well worth it!

10. What sets this camping ground apart from the rest? 

Even in peak times, this campground did not seem overly busy. We love how there are plenty of activities to do and how efficient the campsite is run. We felt catered too, yet not micro-managed during out stay.

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11. What type of campers are you? 

We love camping and it is important to us that our kids learn how to camp at the grass roots level, so we are tent campers. Neither my husband or I did a lot of camping as children, but we both wanted to create new family holiday traditions that included all the adventure!

Thanks Amanda for sharing the info on TCS Disentis with us. Make sure you pop over to Amanda’s website and check out her stunning family photography! She uses her hometown of Basel as a stunning backdrop. She also shares her fabulous photography on Instagram

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