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As Swiss Family Travel is growing, I am being contacted more frequently by various companies who hope to use my platform to get their message out to more people. Sponsored Posts help keep Swiss Family Travel up and running so that we can keep on providing valuable content for our readers.

I’d like to assure you that I only purchase items and services that will bring intentional value to my life. Therefore, when I find these items, I will also share them with you.

The same rules apply to product reviews, sponsored content and affiliate links. 

Here is my criteria for deciding which companies I would consider working with:

  1. Their product or service must be one I would consider using myself.

  2. I place priority on companies and their products if they help me to achieve my primary goal: quality time with my family.

  3. Their guidelines allow me to publish my honest opinion, even if that means a less than glowing review.

I will use affiliate links only if they will be of value to my readers. All affiliate links will be disclosed if a link appears in my post.   In the spirit of providing you with help, I will also link to products and services where I don’t earn any commission and/or are not sponsored.

Most importantly, to maintain full transparency, I will always fully disclose any collaborations at the beginning of a blog post.