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Welcome to the swiss Family Travel Gift Guide 2017

Looking for a gifts that the kids in your life will love? I hope this list will spark your imagination and help to get you on your way to ticking off your gift giving list so you can focus on quality time with your family during this holiday season. 

A couple of things to note

  • I have tried my best to find gifts that would work world-wide or ship world-wide

  • I have priced the item in the original currency of sale

  • If the gift is an experience I have suggested an add on that you could give with the experience voucher.

  • Sometimes I suggest alternative products or ideas

  • You will find some Affiliate Links throughout this post. That means at no extra cost to you, I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase. Thanks for supporting Simple Family Travel. You can learn more about how I use affiliate links here.

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Around the World Stories

Give the gift of: Culture

Good for: around 4-11 years

Made by: Matt and Tania and their 3 girls

All About: Matt and Tania and their 3 girls spent 2017 traveling around Europe gathering inspiration for their european audio stories for kids. Currently there are 52 thirty-minute stories teaching kids about different European cultures. All 3 of my kids loved the story "Mystery Day" a story all about the ingredients for a yummy Austrian dessert and it is on their Wishlist (hint hint Aunty Mel!) 

Tania and Matt have added a new series "Artists around the world" which also looks great.

Add on suggestions: a world globe, an atlas, storybooks to go along with the countries like Heidi for Switzerland, books on specific artists like Monet

Price: $99 for the Europe Stores and $19.95 for the Artists stories


Creative Kids eCourse

Give the gift of: Creativity 

Good for: ages 4 and up

Made by: Mom of 2, Elise Cripe 

All about: When I saw Elise use Instagram to share with us the creation of this eCourse I immediately knew that this would be Z’s Christmas present. She loves anything to do with art so this is a no brainer - and what I love most is that we can work through it together, making it more likely that we will find the time to sit down and get out the paints. Elise provides 9 written lessons and 15 project based art based tutorials to get your creative juices going.

Add on suggestions: A set of paint brushes and paints

Price: $24



Give the gift of: adventure

Good for: ages 2 and up

Made by: Deuter

All About: Our kids have been wearing a backpack as soon as they were able to walk stably. We encourage them to carry their own things when we travel, whether that is for a weekend away or as a carry-on when flying. Even little Z can carry one.

Look for a good quality backpack that will clip across the chest. We have been using Deuter since our little ones were young and they hold up the test of time. 

Alternative ideas: sleeping bags, hiking boots, or a new water bottle

Price: from 40chf for 10L ones all the way up to 120chf for 30L



Give the gift of: imagination

Good for: ages 3 and up

Made by: Magformer

All About: My kids love these magnet shapes and to be honest, they are a lot more creative with them then they are lego. They will create houses for Z’s animals or a garage for D’s car or sometimes build 3D shapes. We always pack a bundle of these whenever we travel. 

Alternates: The more expensive Magnatiles are also a great option

Price: from $33.75 (ships world wide from Amazon Global)


Kid friendly Knife

Give the gift of:  helping

Good for: ages 2/3 and up

Made by: brands like Kiddikutter 

All About: Little Z always wants to help me in the kitchen and while the older two are more than competent with a sharp knife, she is not. Enter the kid-friendly knife!  We have previously borrowed the Kuhn Rikon Doggy knife set from friends, and Z loved using it—but I am also considering this Aussie invention, Kiddi Kutter. I can’t wait to see her face when she opens it!  

Price:  £10.99 from Lakeland who will ship European wide 


Concert/theater/movie tickets

Give the gift of: entertainment

Good for: ages 6 and up

All About: There are so many different events that could be a great gift to give. Keep it as simple as movie tickets for your local cinema or planetarium or get a bit creative and look for upcoming concerts and shows. 

Add ons: give tickets with their favourite candy 

Price: movie tickets are a great price friendly starting point all the way up to the more expensive concerts tickets


Museum Voucher

Give the gift of: education

Good for: ages 2 up

All about: a gift voucher to a museum is a great gift idea for most ages. There are so many kid friendly museums these days, so take advantage of them and give the gift of education. Our local family favourite museum is the Verkehrshaus in Luzern and I think there is a big chance we will find a voucher from them under our Christmas tree this year. 

Alternative suggestions: think about the zoo, ice skating, indoor playgrounds, or anywhere you would love to spend a rainy day.

Add on: start the education early with a book about what they will learn at the museum 

Price: you could give anything from one admission to an annual membership




Give the gift of: freedom

Good for: Everyone

All about: We like to give money, especially to our nephews. I have no idea what a teenage boy likes so money is not only easier but appreciated. My younger kids enjoy receiving money too.  They each have a bank account where their money they have been gifted over the years and one day they will appreciate that sum of money in the bank. Maybe they can use to to travel or to put towards their first car. 

Another idea with money is to save for a specific thing. Our kids have outwardly expressed that their biggest wish is to go to Harry Potter Studios in London.  I have been clear with them from the start that they must pay for their own flight and entry into the studios if they truly want to do this. So they are currently saving  200chf which allows them entry into Harry Potter Studios and also covers their own flight to London. 

Price: flexible according to your requirements 



Day out

Give the gift of: time

Good for: Everyone on your list

Made by: YOU

All About: What do kids value above any toy you could ever give them? Its time. I know my kids love to have 100% undivided attention and would be so happy to receive a voucher for a day out with us or another loved one. 

It could be as simple as a afternoon at the playground, a board game day, movie night or as complicated as a full day out at the zoo with lunch thrown in.  

Price: free and unlimited - great for a tight budget




Give the gift of: reading

Good for: readers from around age 7

Made by: Amazon or other providers

All about: I do prefer my kids to read actual books, but when we travel, having an eReader with books loaded on them is a great way to keep up reading on the road. 

Our kids don’t own an eReader yet but I know other families use them often.  The Amazon Kindle now has a kids package—it comes with a cover and a charger, and the reader is not backlit, which minimizes their exposure to sleep-disrupting electronic light which is emitted from other similar backlit devices.  If they want to read at night they will need a light.

Alternative: consider where you will get your books from, our local rents digital book but it doesn’t work on the Amazon Kindle

Price: Kids’ Kindle package from Amazon, $80

I hope these can help inspire you to think out of the box when it comes to gift giving this year. They may not be your traditional gifts like lego, but I can assure you that they will be just as well received. 

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