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Welcome to the 2017 Swiss Family Travel Gift Guide: Parents’s edition

Looking for a gift for that difficult to buy for someone? Or perhaps something for your significant other or parent? This list should help you on your way in ticking off your gift giving list this year so you can focus on quality time with your family.

A couple of things to note

  • Experience over things!

  • I have tried my best to find gifts that would work world-wide or ship world-wide

  • I have priced the item in the original currency of sale

  • You will find some Affiliate Links throughout this post. That means at no extra cost to you, I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase. Thanks for supporting Simple Family Travel. You can read more about it here.

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Give the gift of: knowledge

Good for: the life long learner

All About: I have a love of learning and there are so many different eCourses that I would love to tackle - so much to learn, so little time! ECourses are a great idea for a gift as they are flexible. For the photography loving Mum - try the ClicknMoms photography school - they have a study along course as well as a full participation mode where you can submit assignments for feedback. Courses range from beginngers to advanced level.  You don’t have to be a member of ClicknMoms to profit from the course, but its also a great present idea

Prices start at $25 for mini breakout sessions to $300 for full participation workshop seats. 

Another great place to learn something is Creative Live. Created by Chase Jarvis a great photographer himself, he has built a great online learning environment where you can take courses on photography, art and design, music and audio, crafts, and money. The courses are recorded live with a studio audience and so you can not only watch the participation but also the student interaction.

Prices start at around $50 for basic courses and up to $199 for in-depth courses. They always seem to have some specials going on so check back often this time of year. 


Restaurant voucher

Give the gift of: yummy food and no dishes to wash!

Good for: Foodies and for busy parents who want a night off cooking

All About: Restaurant vouchers are such a great idea—I wonder why people don’t use them more often. I love going out to eat and have a night off cooking and most importantly cleaning the kitchen. And if it’s with adult company, all the better. You don’t need to go fancy, even a voucher to your favourite pizza or burger place is welcomed by any mum who wants a night off cooking. 

Price: available in many different amounts


Give your skills

Give the gift of: time

Good for: anyone

All About: Think about your own skills for a moment, what are you good at? Is it gardening, photography, tax returns, DIY, decluttering, cooking. Now think of who you have to buy for this holiday season and how can you give your own skills to someone who would appreciate them. I can tell you straight away, I loved being cooked for so a cooked meal or dinner invite would be most welcomed. I could offer my own photography skills to a family member. Get creative with your ideas.

Cost: FREE!

Spa voucher

Give the gift of: relaxation

Good for: those who need to de-stress

All About: this one is pretty self explanatory. Who wouldn’t want a relaxing massage or facial?

Live in Switzerland? Check out the new Alpine Spa at the Bürgenstock Hotel high above the lake of Luzern. A special treat!

Cost: various options


Theater/concert tickets

Give the gift of: entertainment

Good for: music, theatre, and live entertainment lovers

All about: get online and check what concerts and shows are coming up in the next few months. Don’t just check out music concert but look up shows and comedy shows as well. 

Price: various



Give the gift of: peace and quiet

Good for: those who need to get away

All About: A gift voucher to a hotel is my idea of the perfect gift. I recently stayed one night in a hotel all on my own for a Bloggers conference and I can tell you—I can’t wait to do it again! The peace and quiet is heavenly. Not only do I enjoy a night away, but my in-laws also enjoy receiving a voucher for the hotel they visit each year. It make their visit just a little bit cheaper. 

Price: check what the minimal amount is with the hotel of your choice or give a voucher from AirBNB or



Give the gift of: yumminess

Good for: everyone

All About: If gift vouchers aren’t your thing, then consumables are the way to go! Think Wine, chocolates and homemade treats. 

Price: in everyone’s budget


Give the gift of: backed up and organised photos

Good for: the family photographer

All about: SmugMug is an online cloud storage site that allows you to store an unlimited amount of photos and videos, no running out of space! A super easy way to not only keep photos safe, but well organised as well. They also have an App that makes it easy to upload photos from your phone. Sharing with SmugMug is easy and you can even invite others to upload their photos to a specific folder. I wrote about how I used SmugMug to organise my photos here.

SmugMug makes gift giving easy by offering not just 1 year subscriptions but also 2 and 3 years and offer 40%. 

Price: from $28.73 US per year for a basic account



Give the gift of: time

Good for: Parents who just need a break

All About: Why not offer your services as a babysitter to the parents on your list that just need a break.  I would love for someone to offer to take my kids for the weekend so hubby and I can have a much needed weekend away - or even just a day.  

Price: free


Day Out

Give the gift of: quality time

Good for: everyone

All about: What is really the best part about Christmas? For me it is quality time with my family and friends. No rushing from one appointment to another, just quality time sitting together chatting and sharing good food. But why wait till Christmas next year? Why not reserve a day during the year to spend quality time together? Why not enjoy a fondue outside, a hike together or a quiet coffee. 

Price: free - unlimited

I hope these can help inspire you to think out of the box when it comes to gift giving this year. They may not be your traditional gifts like lego, but I can assure you that they will be just as well received. 

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