Become a SFT contributor

Do you have an idea that could help the Swiss Family Travel readers have a more authentic Swiss experience? We are currently accepting guest posts with the potential of becoming a regular contributor.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Your submission should come from your personal experience of living and traveling around Switzerland. We are not looking for articles from travellers who have only visited for a few days. Before submitting consider why a family traveling in Switzerland would find your content useful? What’s the hook?

  2. During our start-up phase regular contributors (between 4 and 12 articles per year) are not paid but are eligible for perks like family photo shoots and the annual thank you event, as well the first to be considered for future cooperations. The end goal of SFT is to build a small group of regular paid contributors. One off guest posts at this time are unpaid, but we are happy to link to your business or website.

  3. Posts should be 300-1000 words and must fit into one of the above categories

  4. Blogposts on SFT have an informal, informative style, like chatting with a friend. Please make sure you have read the current content to get a feel for the tone of SFT.

  5. You can either pitch an idea, or submit an already written piece, but the content must be original and not posted elsewhere by you. You retain copyright of your content but we reserve the right to edit, use and share it across all SFT channels.

  6. Please submit any helpful links that provide further reading and/or more detailed information to support your article. Limited links to your own website are allowed providing it is additional helpful information. SFT will always link to your website in your author bio.

  7. Please provide one photo as well as a max. 2 sentence author bio to be used at the bottom of your article.

  8. Before submitting reread your article out loud. Check for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and flow. We reserve the right to edit your submission. If too much editing is required, your article will not be published.

  9. Please provide good quality, high resolution photos to go along with your submission. We reserved the right not to publish photos that are of bad quality, don’t help tell the story, or don’t fit the family-friendly ethos of SFT. If photos are holding you back, please get in contact and we can work through a solution together. Your photos could be used in blogposts, the SFT newsletter or on social media, but you will always be given credit.

  10. Please advise if anything in your submission is the result a sponsored or gifted experience.